A New Brightspace™ Integration

We created a smarter attendance tool

No Attendance Registers. No Side Scrolling. Just Easy.
And Yes, It Works With the Gradebook

Our Features

We asked faculty what they wanted in an attendance tool and they came up with the features below.

Image of the PIN based entry system.
Pin Based Entry

Every meeting day a new pin is generated. Give your students the pin for the day and they can enter it to record their attendance for the day.

Online Base Entry

Just by logging into their online course, a student's attendance can be recorded for the day. Great for online and hybrid courses.

Image of the Online based entry system.
Image of the course settings and attendance record.
Automatic Registry Creation

No more creating a registry entry for each meeting day. Simply enter your courses start and end date, as well as the days of the week your course meets and the registry will be generated for you.






Attendance Entries

"I have seen You-Attend in action and it's really awesome!"

Jordan Snider - D2L Partner Success Specialist

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